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  • Aisha Dorn was taught from a young age the fundamentals of environmental stewardship. Growing up in a large family she was constantly reminded how her actions would affect those around her. Once in school she was introduced to the sciences where she excelled. Her favorite subject, biology, introduced her to environmental subjects like the carbon cycle that demonstrated the harmony of life processes. This subject stayed with her throughout her school career and help shape her college curriculum. She attend Baltimore City Community College where she explored the Environmental Science program. Determine to work while she attended school she got her first job at a local nonprofit that focused on youth development. Here she got her start as a serious leader facilitating classes, managing conferences and managing an office.

    As time went on she looked for jobs that pertained more to her major of Environmental Science where she could work until she finishes her program. Many of the jobs that she found required a degree or years of experience that she didn’t have yet. Determined to find a job that would lead her to a career and eventually owing her own business she continued to look for ways into the environmental field. She then came across AmeriCorps programs which was geared towards students getting involved in their community. Here she found a sense of community and program directors that were passionate about their programs success. At the end of her AmeriCorps internship she was able to participate in their B’more Green Environmental Certification program where she acquired all the certifications that she needed to get her first job in the environmental field.

    Aisha started working at one of Baltimore’s leading environmental companies for oil recovery. Her specialty was cleaning tanks due to her ability to maneuver into tight spaces while wielding powerful equipment. While working there she found her partner and now husband Marc Dorn. They shared many common goals for the future including starting a business. While working together safety was paramount. As time went on the she learned more and more about the industry though their various tasks and daily activities.

    In the summer of 2012 the decision was made by Marc and Aisha to leave the company from which they learned so much about the environmental field and venture off into the world of business ownership for themselves where they now use that knowledge to serve Maryland and the rest of the DMV area offering a plethora of environmental services.

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